Monday, February 25, 2013


Hackathon being one of the most awaited programs of the Open Data Day, was celebrated with great enthusiasm and it really proved to be a great success. The main theme of hackathon  was to use open data in  creative ideas and show people how it can be visualized. Teams were given about five hours to work on their ideas and produce applications using the open data. Total eight teams came up for this challenge.
It started with the pitching of idea by each team leader at about 10:00 am and they were given  just about 1 minute for it. Teams were formed in a way that there were members from different sectors, having variety of knowledge. They started collecting data and manipulating it. The ideas were locked at about 12:00 pm. After that teams were not allowed to make changes on what they wanted to do.
Judges were constantly reviewing each team. According to them, they were looking for innovative ideas and the impact that the idea is going to have on the society. Keeping all these in mind ,teams were all prepared to bang the cash prize of Rs 10,000/-
 One of the team was of Everest K.C, Sushant Kafle and Abhibandhu Kafle .They were working on Coloropleth map of Nepal showing population. Their project showed a relationship between various parameters related to population using colors .For e.g.: UNHCR works on refugee affairs and if it wants to know work areas, it can use their map to see where field work could be implemented. They used existing data to visualize target area.
 Another team was of Deepak, Aayush, Kshitiz . Their project was  related to  Petroleum products. This team compared the price of petroleum products in Nepal and India. They showed how drastically price of petroleum products have been increasing in Nepal and the impact of such price rise on existing population  could be inferred. Similarly Rarendra Adhikari, Rojan Sinha, Sanjeev Prajapati were working on Weather Visualization. This team extracted data from MFD(Meteorological Forecast  Department) and visualized the data of temperature and rainfall which could be used as per need.
Rohitman Amatya, Gaurav Rijal, Bibek Chitrakar, Shalil Awaley and Milan Thapa also formed a team. They were working on project named News Analysis. This team extracted information about the news and then categorized the data into various groups such as which news is mostly heard, which has made more impact on people and so on. They also visualized their data on the world map.
 Likewise, Anish Shrestha, Sajjan Lamichane , Prakash Bhusal and Gokul Dhakal presented the project named Open Data Social. Their idea was to convert data to information, so that even non-related people can gain some knowledge about the data. They tried to make this information socially available and interactive.They did some data analysis and visually presented their idea.
Team of  Diwakar, Bhabishyat,Punya worked on project  named Agro Index. They basically showed the relationship between population and food.
 Bimal and team members had an innovative  project-Obudget which  tried to share the Aid of Nepal of last 10 years and how it is being used in our country. They showed the correlation between the aid, purchasing power and inflation rate.
There was a team who worked on the Analysis of  data of SAARC countries.They showed the development trend in the SAARC countries. They showed their data on bubble chart.
At about 4:00 ,each team was interviewed by the judges. They were given just five minute to present their project in front of the judges. After that each team were given 2 minute to give a presentation of their project in front of everyone.
Everyone had their fingers crossed waiting  to know who were going to grab the prize. Finally, the result was announced by the judges, there were two runner ups: Obudget and Open Data Social. And  last but not the least the  winner was Petroleum Products.
Judges even mentioned two honorary projects, they were Agro Index and Coloropleth map of Nepal showing population and encouraged all to further work upon their products.

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