Saturday, February 23, 2013


Open Data Day 2013 was successfully celebrated today, on 23rd February 2013, at Local Development Training Center with the participation of handsome number of visitors, competitors, presenters and other enthusiasts. The presentations of the day were held at Hall 1 at Local Development Training Academy. Broadly the presentations were divided into three divisions:Presentation 1, Presentation 2 and Presentation 3.

Presentation 1: This presentation was on the Introduction and Scope of Open Data which was done by Mr. Bibhusan Bista, one of the organizers of the event. He shared his knowledge and ideas on the what actually open data is, different types of open data, goals of open data, scope of open data worldwide as well as Nepal specific and how one can start and continue with open data.
 The presentation on the very topic was continued by Mr.Nama Raj Budathoki from Open DRI/WorldBank. He spoke about the open data implementation worldwide and in Nepal as well. He also shared his experience and scope of Open Street Map. He concluded this part of presentation letting the audiences know "Open Data inspires innovation and cultivates collective intelligence to solve seemingly impossible problems.
The presentation was concluded by Pernilla Nasfros from OpenAID Partnership/WorldBank introducing OpenAID as a collaboration between aid donors and government all over the world.

Presentation 2: This set of presentation was on Wikipedia Nepal and Wikimedia done by Mr.Hem Pal Srestha, Wikipedia Nepal. He presented the statistics regarding Wikipedia in Nepali and other languages used in Nepal. He also shared a video made by his team members, Mr.Krish Dulal and Sushma KC with the audiences present over there and finally the presentation was concluded.

Presentation 3:The final presentation was done by the members of Mozilla South Asia Meetup in Nepal, on using Mozilla as a webmaker.

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